Puppy Love

What do puppies have to do with Real Estate?

One of our dogs gave birth to 4 puppies a little over a week ago. We already have four dogs and we had no plans of adding more. How that happened, is a story for another time! So now we have 8. The puppies are the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Only a few days old they are already exploring their puppy world by crawling around (eyes closed), especially when it’s time for a puppy snack. And Mama is never far away. Their mother, our sweet Sasha, hasn’t gotten much sleep due to the never-ending attention they require, and neither have we.IMG_1640 (1)

By now I almost consider myself a puppy expert searching Google for ‘everything’ puppy: how long before they open their eyes; how long before they need their first shots; when do they start eating solid food; and the list goes on. It was not my intention to expand my knowledge about puppies but I have to say, I am falling in love with these little creatures. Their little faces are so cute, their little feet already so strong, and their toes with their tiny claws are just adorable. Unrecognizable sounds are coming out of their mouths and put smiles on our faces. How can you not love such innocence.IMG_1641

Hopefully, when the time is right, we will find loving and caring homes for our little fur babies. But in the meantime, I will enjoy spending many days and a few sleepless nights with them. For now, we pray that they will continue to be healthy and enrich our lives.

So, what do puppies have to do with Real Estate? Not much unless you find yourself in a similar situation to mine. With this many 4-legged friends, we need lots of space for them to run around. Luckily we live on 3.5 acres with more than enough space for them to play and be who they were created to be. The good news is, there are many properties available in the country to accommodate a large brood. If you are an animal lover and want to surround yourself with nature, come to the country. You won’t be disappointed. Or if you prefer the urban setting and need a place for your furry friend(s), there are a lot of houses for sale with fenced in yards. And if you are a dog lover I may even throw in a puppy, free of charge!

All kidding aside, please call me if you have any real estate questions, whether it is to sell your home or buy another one to live in or for investment… I’ll be happy to help you. I do advise you to search Google for any puppy questions, as my expert knowledge may be temporary and fade away as the puppies get bigger 🙂