How do you know if a house is priced correctly?

Whether you are buying a home or selling your current home, you want to get the best deal. But how do you know which deal is the best?

You are driving around in a neighborhood and then you see it… your dream home! You pull up the Zillow app or as we prefer, the “NextHome” app, on your phone to see what the house is listed for. At this point, you are either disappointed because you can’t afford it or thrilled because it is within your price range. You want to make an offer but how much should the offer be? Money bag

In another scenario, your circumstances have changed due to a promotion at work and you are being relocated to another state, or you added a new member to your family and now you need more space or less space due to being empty nesters. Now you need to sell your home. How much should you list it for?

Whether buying or selling a home, you should let a Real Estate Agent work up a market analysis for you. This will tell you which houses are currently on the market in that neighborhood and which have sold within a certain time period, usually 3 – 6 months. It also reveals the average price per square foot so that your agent can determine what would be the best price for this property. Adjustments should be made for upgrades, remodels, and the overall condition of the home and property.  Video

If you are selling your home you should consider staging the home and have a professional photographer take pictures and videos. We now offer 3D videos which let the prospective buyer walk around inside your home without actually being there. How cool is that?

Location, location, location. We are all familiar with this term. But I want to add ‘price’ to that. I believe, pricing your property correctly is just as important as the location. If you price it too high it will sit on the market far too long. If you price it too low, you may shortchange yourself. A good Real Estate professional can guide you thru this process.

You may think, “I can do all of this myself” and you can but where do you start? Where do you find the pertinent information to make a sound decision? Who do you ask when obstacles get in the way or when there is too much information and you feel overwhelmed?

My advice…. call a professional Real Estate agent, establish a relationship with that person and build trust. This is important for both of you.

We have access to information which will help to establish your price. I am here to help you thru the process from start to finish. Give me a call to get more information!