Snow boogers

For Real??

Ok, the name sounds somewhat disgusting. But look at this picture, does this look disgusting?Snow Booger 2 I would say not. Now, I have to admit, I have not tried one.  Everyone in our office has talked about this one of a kind presentation of ice cream heaven.  Even our church had them (you can tell, I have a hard time saying the name…..) represented at our church picnic a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. But had I known Snow Boogers would be available there, I would have made a b-line to satisfy my taste buds.

Did you know they will open a location in Biloxi soon? You can bet, I will be there.  Although I don’t think I can wait and therefore I will put myself in my car and head up to Perkinston soon. I promise I will report back about my experience.

Have you tried this eye-pleasing delicacy? Any comments you have to fill me in, feel free to share with me.

To Be Continued!